Body Art by Hayley

Getting a Wrist Tattoo

there seems to be a trend lately....lots of wrist tattoos facing in. whether it be a pretty script of a personal mantra, or a carolina panthers logo, people (mostly girls) are not facing their tattoos out for the world to see. certainly all tattoos are personal. the inside of your forearms and wrists are as familiar as the back of your hand. once that area is tattooed, you personally experience that marking much more than the passers by and more than if you got it somewhere else on your body. however when that stranger does ask you in the check-out line what your tattoo is and he sees 'one life' it would be more powerful and therefore more meaningful on the whole if he read it right side up. you will live with the words in your face every single day of your life after getting that done no matter which way it faces, but the people you come into contact with might have waited their whole life for that one little statement written in your flesh. try not to be selfish with your tattoos when they are on your extremities .... they are to be shared. when you tattoo the word 'Faith' on your wrist that will certainly be a reminder to you no matter what but if you desire to project such a blessing in to the world...face them.