Body Art by Hayley

Whether or Not it Hurts

getting tattooed is something youre going to do whether or not it hurts. which it does. varying sensations. uncomfortable. annoying. scratchy. burning. kinda like a sunburn. kinda like a sting. more like 'chinese water' torture than real torture. almost aggrivating at times. you will hear different things from different people. you will feel different feelings than other people. sometimes, you wont seem to feel much at all. just the pressure of my hands. or even think it feels good- like scratching an itch you could never get to before. depending on artist. placement. your comfort level, preparedness and mental persistance. this IS a test. you will have to endure this tattoo. not just the irritation of your skin upon needle contact. after the course of a week to two weeks you will be a little sore. you will be a little surprised. you might bruise. you might swell. you will witness the miracle of healing. yes, getting tattooed hurts. but you can handle it. if you choose it. youve really just got to accept what it feels like. youve got to see it through. for the first minutes. for the consecutive hours. for many months if youre getting big work- and years once you really get into it. you will hurt and you will deal. over and over. such is life ~but unlike so many other trials, look what you have to show for it~ a permanent reminder. of whatever you could express to care that much for. its the pinchy, twitchy, deep breathed, hot/cold, love/hate -means to an end. a marker on your body, the journey of your soul.