Body Art by Hayley


in my new years attempt to change the way i do my scheduling, i am realizing- YES! i don't have several months of my life planned out in advance! - i am also realizing with the desire to prioritize in progress work, i have so much in progress that i could NOT take any new clients and STILL be booked up for consecutive months. i am also realizing as i get your on-line new client requests (about 4-5 a day so far- a lot of work that will end up taking 3-5 sessions) i thought you might need to see from my perspective- if you send in your request, i may not even get to it until the following month or so- so, please be patient. please try and hold back your excitement by sending me another email. you don't have to wonder if i received it or not- i did- and i WILL get back to you ;) i am only one little artist and i also enjoy my life outside of the tattoo shop. i do not live by email, my work is hands on, real life, real pain, real time consuming as well as mentally fulfilling, yet taxing. i take time out to check email and hop on face book for 5 minutes- but not every day, and i am certainly not by my computer even half the day. so...let us practice getting down with and understanding time together, as it passes for both of us separately...things happen between and eventually we can connect and make some wonderful memories... permanently.