Body Art by Hayley

Tattooing Japanese Style

i appreciate japanese tattoo art. it has meant an enormous deal to my trade. however when it comes to what i like to tattoo, you wont find much of that in my portfolio. even the pieces i have done that i really do like, i question putting it on the web. i just feel that there are plenty of other tattoo artists who much prefer to do this style tattooing and are therefore better at it. if i wanted a koi fish or a dragon i would not come to me to do it. i will put a twist on japanese to make it more stylized. generally, though, if you want a large japanese piece, talk to one of the boys. i do enjoy more painterly organic subject matter, cherry blossom trees and flowers. even happy to do a lovely geisha, a detailed pattern.... but when it comes to the bold and more traditional work, finger waves and wind bars...i will lead you to someone else. come see me about a portrait anytime ;)