Body Art by Hayley

Designing a Custom Tattoo

as a fully custom tattoo artist, i extend myself into your design every time. having to specially construct unique designs for every person, every day- i pretty much stay backed up with drawings for constant tattoo appointments- not so backed up as to NOT have them ready for the appointment- but it is often difficult to have them ready early. some people really feel the need to see a rough draft of the tattoo design sometime before the day of the appointment. if you are one of those people, i will try my best. it will most likely be only a day or two in advance. as you wait for the appointment day, just know that i probably care even more about what your tattoo looks like than you do. this is my passion. this is my trademark. you are part of my gallery. i want to make sure every single person that sees it thinks it looks awesome and wants to get tattooed by the person you say you got it done by. i thrive with the spontaneous energy of creating the piece in its moment, perfecting it with you- for you, and laying it in your skin. there is often a significant difference from the way it looks on paper and the way it fits your body. so in having it not totally ready yet, i use this last minute opportunity to actually know how it looks on you and make it fit you just right. and that is my way. the same way ive create the body of work you see in my portfolio. in tight time parameters. as long as you trust me your tattoo is going to be very special and more than you even hoped for. and not to worry, we wont start until you feel totally comfortable and we are on the same page.