Body Art by Hayley

Choosing Your Tattoo

so...the longer you live, and the more mindful you are to your experiences, life can be truly enriching. change is constant and evolution is the nature of creation. many people as of the past year or two, including myself, seem to be moving in one of two general directions: deeper and looking for more insight into their experiences or staying shallow and hoping to be given the next step to take instead of forging their own path with purpose. the latter is actually not a direction at all, it is stagnant and i want to help folks break from those chains. tattooing, i believe to be the ultimate expression of the former. and i am here for you, you seekers and finders...i want to help bring out what you have already learned about yourself, about your life, about your choice characteristics and heartfelt inclinations. i don't just want to give you that tattoo you liked on pintrest- i want to figure out how best to represent you with my style and do something new and different. even with age old concepts that could seem played out. when it comes to your own figuring out what to get tattooed i'd like to offer a few suggestions to help you get started on the right foot...

who are you? the real you beyond just your personality...what ideas often circulate in your thoughts? these are fundamental to choosing what kind of work you want. perhaps you don't really know exactly why but you just feel drawn to my style...well, i need to be able to draw you out in order to represent you on your skin...what kind of colors, textures, patterns etc. do you find repeating in your choice of clothing? how bout whay you choose to surround yourself with in your home decor? do you like symmetry? do you like a more random free flow of shapes? do you want to make a serious statement of self, or do you really just want to have some badass art? i love deeper meanings, to all things, and i may include some of what i know to be significant even if you don't quite know yet. i have a good intuition and am learning some amazing things as i seek to be mindful in all things...i want my art to be a living and continually revealing statement of self. you won't be able to get just one tattoo, so let's make this a journey not a destination. i hope to level up your personal awareness, encourage mindfulness and help you enjoy the exploration of your truth and universal truth through artistic expression for many years to come. the best way i can do this is for you to do a little soul searching as you figure out what you want me to design for you. then we'll make some magic!