Body Art by Hayley


an excerpt from my book: There are innumerable natural signs, which can lead us into greater joy and the glory of the hidden being revealed. This, I find, the sustaining salvation of our part in relation. Not blindly reaching toward the unknown, uncertain of the ability to actually find the answer. With this blooming complexity and growth, we are drawing closer to the wisdom of fulfillment; with our eyes, hearts and minds open we are sure to be met with the next vision and therefore, the next step. As an artist, especially as a painter, the process has taught me much about faith as a verb. When I start a piece, I often know the direction I want to go but begin very loosely; an initial impression with sweeping strokes of chosen colors to create blended tones and a base from which to build. This free movement of paint sets me up with a certain mood that leaves some space and the freedom to let it evolve into what it will be without meticulously deciding every single step. Each layer I put into a painting is like a process of the idea coming into focus- with each step leading me to the next. The painting reveals itself to me as I continue to tighten up particular areas I want to craft and enjoy the subtle ‘accidental’ accents as well. There is no accident. There is recognition and acceptance of what ‘happens’ and letting those moments guide me to what I choose to happen from that point. Art is creation, but it is also the beauty of discovery.'