Body Art by Hayley

Getting an Appointment

first off, thank you for being interested! and thank you, in advance for being patient. i can get overwhelmed with requests for tattoos and want to take care of all of you! it may seem i have a complicated system of consultations and bookings but i must keep the best order i can for myself so that i can be my best at giving you what you want. getting tattooed is a very important decision. its also very personal. one on one contact is the best way for me to identify you and figure out how to create something special just for you and your desires. please feel free and encouraged to stop into the tattoo studio, check it out and say hello. even if im working, the shop has a very open environment and you can walk right up to me and converse. i get a lot of phone calls and email requests but nothing goes as far as seeing you and talking in real life. your pop in does not mean we will have real focused time like a consultation, but is is nice to meet you.

i tend to keep my schedule booked only as far as a month or two at a time. i will variously regulate when i start and stop depending on number of follow-up sessions and new clients.

if you have a less complicated tattoo you can just walk in the week that i am booking appointments, leave your deposit and set it up..

if you really need a good talking to and help with ideas, please call and set up consultation.


feel free to call the shop for info on when that time is 704-376-4556

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this process cannot be rushed. this is not a production line. you are wanting an individually hand crafted design on your skin that will last the rest of your life!

(please see 'Scheduling' section for more info on getting set up.)