Body Art by Hayley

Hayley LakemanTHANK YOU SO MUCH for your desire for transcendence and permanence through relationship and custom body art! it really is a treat for me to get to know you as we work together over the months. since i much prefer being in the now, and so many of you want a piece of me now, i need you to know right outta the gate that i have a hard time dealing with my unending busy schedule and i book my own appointments. i am also just honestly bad at returning phone calls, feel free to call me a couple times. i try to stay booked out only a few months at a time...which means for many months throughout the year i will simply not be booking anything. i really wanna complete in-progress work! so these folks have top priority. i may even schedule these despite 'specified' booking times. i get excited about new ideas too, i just need these specific booking times to be able to focus on you. these are usually the first week of any announced month. if you don't have an appointment in my book, it's off the radar. but don't be discouraged- be encouraged to make yourself known. e-mails often stack up unanswered...but not for lack of interest in you or your piece, just for lack of interest in the devoting the time it takes to answer them all. but it sure is nice to know you're really interested in not just getting tattooed, but getting tattooed by me. seeing your shining face in person is a good way to get connected even if i can't set you up yet. i will. i promise, and i will TOTALLY make it worth the wait. thank you in advance for the patience you are learning as you get to know what it's like to deal with hayley time. it's taken me 33 years ;)

deposit: CASH only

if it's something really small, i'll take $100 (that's my minimum)

$150 for bigger stuff. you will have $100 roll over to up-coming appts and come off the end of your tattoo project. i will keep $50 for the drawing/planning.

hourly rate: BIG PROJECTS

$150 and i can get a lot accomplished.

deposits are non-refundable. cancellations require a minimum of 24hrs notice (phone call, or in person- never through e-mail) or you forfeit your deposit- man i hate having to say that. but please, remember your appt. and be courteous to me if you need to change it, cheers!

product endorsement

you know how i like you to take care of your skin, prep your canvas for me, and do your body good, right? well, for new clients, especially those with larger projects in mind, i am providing two quality skin care products at your consultation. a new cell scrub to help exfoliate and rejuvenate and a conditioning creme for moisturizing and smoothing. these products are from a high quality and very green conscious company called Arbonne. they are all vegan-certified, euro-standard, free of weird shit and and are just plain good stuff i think you'll like to put on your skin as you prepare your self for the sweet new tattoo. you can look up the company at

...for your deposit on big projects you will receive the new cell scrub and conditioning body moisture (a $53 retail value) use them in advance of your appt and feel free to again after healing. and let me know if you want to check out any of their other products, some killer stuff i can order for you. i'm diggin' everything i've tried.

a note about that form you may have filled out ages ago

that turned out not to be as brilliant an idea as i had hoped. wah-wah. seriously, the bombardment of those forms no matter how i tried to manage them ended up a bit of a nightmare for me. i am so sorry if you fell into the void! have no fear, it doesn't mean i didn't want to do your tattoo. most of them were very cool, thankfully, i am to the point in my career where most people are coming to me for me, and are pretty in tune with what kind of art, subject matter or philosophy helps me and you shine; ideas combined. please be encouraged to check in at Fu's about current scheduling times and feel free to pop in and talk with me any time i am there, tattooing or not.

finally, a word about art's where i can just relax...gratitude to you for reading through all that. all the none so fun business stuff is integral, and yet opposite- cause when i think about art, art is about freedom. tattoo art is especially true to form...and/or abandonment of form. this is place we breathe deep and see deeply, and i pray that i may continue to create with ease. art is a living understanding of faith for me. oh there's hard work too- tattooing is a backbreaking, sweat producing, heart pumping energy exchange. it is primal, painful, and so beautifully long lasting- casting light on our total virtual experience of life, mental, physical and spiritual. art is power. art is poetry. fundamental and full flavored. art is passion's painting pallette...thank you all, from my heart, for your part in this journey together~

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please check out my 'thoughts' page for more on what's going on with me and my ideas on work, tattoos and life in general.

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