Body Art by Hayley


Lots of people will tell you lots of things about healing a tattoo...Please listen to what I have learned through my years of getting tattooed, trying different methods, and seeing the results of various treatments by my clients...
The simple truth is, if done correctly and cared for correctly, your tattoo should feel mostly back to normal in 1 1/2- 2 weeks. It still won't be fully regenerated and ready for lets say, another session if you needed it, until about 5 weeks. But as far as your feeling and dealing with it- 2 weeks max.
First and foremost-you want to keep your tattoo clean. And you don't need to rub a bunch of products into it. You are encouraged to wash your tattoo. It's never a bad idea to unwrap your tattoo after a couple hours when you get home from the studio. If you get finished late at night though and just wanna veg-out, you can leave it wrapped. If and when you do wash it, use warm to hot water. Dry it with a clean paper towel, just like your tattoo artist used throughout the tattoo to wipe it off so conscientiously. (don't you love and hate that part?) For real though, don't be afraid to shower and wash that bad boy. Use smooth liquid soap...NO exfoliates, and your sweet little hand. It's easy.
You do NOT want to soak your tattoo in water like a bathtub, hot tub, or swimming pool until its done peeling (think of how your fingers wrinkle up.)
The first night you want to cover your entire tattoo in plastic wrap, just like you wrap your food up with. Tape it in place so it will stay. The ink WILL seep out under the plastic, but it will keep it from drying and hardening into a scab. You will most likely have some gross goo when you wake up in the morning. It may have even leaked out on your sheets- but at least they didn't stick to you...go unwrap your tattoo when you get up in the morning and wash it again. Same wonderful process.
During the day it can breathe. DON'T touch it unless you've washed your hands, and don't worry about rubbing ANY ointments, lotion or anything into your sensitive skin. Clean clothing will not bother it.
But if it's somewhere like your foot or on your beltline or somewhere else where you can't keep your clothes from rubbing it- or you're doing something that might get it dirty~ Its' fine to wrap it up for a few hours during that 2nd day. If you end up having to do that, remove the plastic when you can. Clean it up and keep it that way. Let it get some more air. ALWAYS wash it after unwrapping it. Hell, give it a wash mid-day no matter what. Gentle, healthy and helpful.
If you want to make it quick and easy you can wash your hands and get a paper towel wet and slightly soapy and wipe it down with that. then follow with a soap-free one to remove the residue. blot it dry with a clean paper towel.
2nd NIGHT you want to wrap it in plastic one more time. You will have less slimy and colorful substances, but probably still some. Wash it AGAIN in the morning. Feel free on the third day to use a little unscented lotion like cetaphil or Lubriderm. Something with little alcohol and/or fragrances. Just to keep it from being uncomfortably dry. You don't need much. Once a day is fine.
Just want to treat it kind and not over medicate it. You will have an easy healing tattoo experience if you do that. Generally you know what's comfortable or uncomfortable. But no matter what- you want to keep it out of the sun for the full term!
It's really pretty simple. Come get tattooed and try it yourself!