Body Art by Hayley


In Progress Gallery
Non Flash In Progress Gallery

Large and detailed tattoo projects are most certainly a labor of love, for both of us. I thoroughly enjoy the time spent and evolution witnessed when taking on grand works of art on your body. There is a relationship like any good one that involves trust and patience. Large areas of coverage and intricate details can take many months to accomplish. I enjoy creating transformation in my design, where one thing blends into something else. Whether its black and grey or color, I find it fun to fully use the most space for a great fit and more stunning imagery. In this section, I want to show the stages/sessions to help you see how I work to get to the final product. Understanding the process of this particular medium can help you prepare for what it takes to turn your great idea into more than a tattoo.

Black & Grey Gallery
Non Flash Black & Grey Gallery

I always think black and grey has a classic feel. Prior to tattooing I really enjoyed drawing and shading with pencil which has carried over well in my tattoo work.  The tones of grey are achieved by a watered down black pigment and certain needle technique. I prefer smooth gradients and look to achieve a fully blended out black through all the middle tones. Black and grey tattoos are a nice way to create depth within the design. Since they use your own skin tone as the highlight, have a very natural look and can carry great subtlety. It is also a perfect base for realistic color work, if you wanted to add color later.

Color Tattoo Gallery
Non Flash Color Gallery

I believe color makes the world a beautiful place. I think its important to create colorful tattoos that blend smoothly through different tones. I enjoy not putting a black outline on everything and mixing ink to make unique colors. I will consider your favorite colors and what will look best against your skin when we discuss color theory for your piece. I like vibrant and natural tones and prefer a realistic use of color blends to enhance each design. Richness, contrast and depth in my color tattoos are achieved often by layering, especially in large projects. A more painterly approach, I will often add more black on the last session of a tattoo only where it needs the deep contrast or bold line, instead of the standard flash tattoo look.

Portrait Gallery
Non Flash Portrait Gallery

One of my favorite things to tattoo. Always especially personal, portraiture has been largely in focus from the start as a developing artist. I am fully confident that I can make your tattoo look just like your photograph, and sometimes with more clarity. For me, a great portrait comes from a great photograph. Good lighting and shadows really make for a dynamic portrait tattoo. I usually like to see several photos and will help you pick the best one. Placement on the body is also very important when choosing a photo. I take great pride in making sure you see the sparkle in that persons eye- so a good quality, up close shot is best; a clear enough picture that exudes their character. I will immortalize their countenance on you for life!

Artwork Gallery
Non Flash Artwork Gallery

Art is my passion and my profession. I spend most of my time tattooing but like to create art in different forms. I enjoy working in various media, with the most experience using pencil, oil pastel and acrylic paint. I do custom paintings and pencil portraits if your looking for something to decorate your home instead of your body.